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7 basic tips about sports betting

There are some things in sports betting in which we must concentrate our attention, in order to become better and win more money. Sports betting may be considered easy, but it’s extremely hard when we try to make money and not just spend some good time. For this reason we have gathered and analyze 7 basic points, we ought to be familiar with.
More specifically:

1. Know the teams you pick:

Learn everything you can about the teams, their strong and weak points, their results at home and away, and evaluate them accordingly. You have to understand the changes from one season to the next, since players grow older, players and coaches come and go. Big changes are common from season to season in professional team sports.

2. Pick teams that are motivated:

Many times teams don’t reach the maximum of their skill and value, whereas weaker times sometimes show more desire and passion for the win, that their stats suggest, especially in critical games. Find out how important a game is for a tea. For example if a team gets to the playoffs in football or basketball, it can be more passionate and focused than in a league game. The same can happen when a game is very vital for a team (eg. When a team is relegated after a loss or when the team wants to “revenge” for a previous loss.

3. Remain calm and stop being silly:

A bad run or results is inevitable for every gambler. Do not lose your mind and panic and start to wager big in order to get your money back. On the other hand, try to reevaluate your betting strategy and reduce the sum you wager, until you begin to win again. Remember that this is the biggest mistake a gambler can make. When you srtart winning again, raise your bets a little, but don’t exaggerate. Unfortunately as it happens with bad runs, good runs also end sooner or later.

4. Bet with your brain, not your heart:

The chances of win that you believe a team has, should come from what you see on the field and must have nothing to do with your emotions. Do not bet on the win of a team just because its your favorite, without taking into consideration the real chances of win. You have to be selective and remember that real betting chances come from a small amount of games per coupon. If you want to win every weekend game is very risky.

5. Search for better odds:

In order to be successful in sports betting, you have to look for bets that are worth their odds. This means that you must find “real” odds for your selections. If you think that the odds for Barcelona’s win against CSKA Sofia should be around 1.30 and you find a sportsbook that offers 1.50 for the same result, then you have found a good choice. In this case if you balance the risk and the profit you will see that it favors you, making the bet a value bet.

6. Bet against the public opinion:

Some teams have a lot of supporters that they are either fans or journalists. Manchester United and Liverpool as such examples. Usually one can find very high odds in the results against these teams, as well as sportbooks that adjust their odds in such a way that it reflects the expected result by the public. For that reason it’s common for the outsider to get higher odds that it realistically deserved.

7. Pay attention to injuries:

No, you are not going to be injured just by betting… We mean the injuries of the players of the two teams in a game. Try to be informed about injuries but do not exaggerate again. Understand the importance and the role of a player and the quality of the bench.

Always remember that often the so called “second class” players have the quality, desire and skills to replace first team players and therefore sometimes it is not a disadvantage when the best player is injured or booked. We usually overreact when we hear about an injury of a player, but at such situations we can find very good odds. On the other hand, always be more careful when more “key” players of a team are absent.